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Amazing Brain

Agata Żmijewska

Event Date + Time:
March 13 @ 10:00 am - March 19 @ 12:00 pm

Event Location:
Olsztyn, Świątki, Poland

Venue Name:
Oczapowski, Słoneczna Directions

About This Event

Event Description:

During the event, it will be organizing lectures, workshops, a game show, and practical training. which allowed for increasing the knowledge and understanding of different issues related to the functioning of the brain and neuroscience. The participants will be from other age groups – from primary school students to adults. Depending on age and interests, everyone will find something for themselves.

What will be on the schedule? The program will include a game show "Brain Millionaire" for families and students, lectures, workshops, and laboratory tours. The planned topics are concerning the answers to questions: what the brain is, how it works, and what it needs to work effectively – how the brain works when we fall in love; if obesity can influence thought processes and the condition of the brain, what are obsessive-compulsive disorders, how the struggle of sick people and their loved ones and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on people with the disorder. Moreover, we will focus on the issues:
1) how games affect concentration and brain functioning, and whether they can help improve the condition of the brain – for game lovers;
2) how to increase concentration during learning;
3) does genetic determinants of left-handedness exist?; how do left-handed people deal with life as a minority in the right-handed population?; the left-handedness examples in other species;
4) how the murder brain works.
The brave ones will be able to put on alcohol goggles and see how stimulants change brain functions. Participants will use specially prepared lenses, bringing their visual perception closer to the state of alcohol intoxication, drugs, and diseases – glaucoma, cataracts, or night blindness. For a better experience, participants can pass a safe obstacle course and play popular sports games. We will explain how substances and diseases weaken the optical ability, which will increase public awareness. We will arrange practical classes on how to prepare the brain sections slides. The youngest one will make a model of the brain and neurons from a plastic mass. They will observe the brain preparations and models collected from different animal species. The participants will also obtain information if/how the brain can be fit, healthy, and in form.

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Description in Polish languages is present in the program on the website

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Lab Tour, Lecture/Briefing, Online/Virtual, Other, Social Media Campaign, Workshop

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Elementary school students (1-5), General Public, High school students (9-12), Middle school students (6-8), University students

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