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IRCCS Mondino Foundation

Event Date + Time:
March 19, 2021 @ 2:00 pm - March 19, 2021 @ 5:00 pm

Event Location:
via Mondino 2, Pavia, Italy

Venue Name:
IRCCS Mondino Foundation Directions

About This Event

Event Description:

Faced with the rise in life expectancy, the scientific community is increasingly interested in the physiological aging process and the transition to pathological states or frailty. In fact, there is a type of “fragile” elderly subject to rapid physical and cognitive decline. Fragility is defined as a syndrome physiological characterized by the reduction of functional reserves and the diminished resistance to stress, resulting from the cumulative decline of multiple physiological systems causing vulnerabilities and adverse consequences related to multiple pathology, disability, risk of institutionalization and mortality. This appointment scientific has a dual purpose: to update the state of the art of research scientific report on frailty and present the conclusive results obtained in the context of FrailBioTrack project funded by the Cariplo Foundation ( In 760 elderly people were recruited in this area, previously assessed by InveCe.Ab study, carried out by the Golgi Cenci Foundation of Abbiategrasso (Italy), to perform a multidimensional assessment and evaluate frailty trajectories and biological markers associated with them.

Alternate Description:

1. Identify the role of the immune system and diet in the frail elderly;
2. Identify the social determinants of fragility;
3. Characterize a mouse model for the study of frailty.

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Organizer's Details

Organizing Institution(s):

IRCCS Mondino Foundation

Sponsoring Institution(s):
IRCCS Mondino Foundation and Cariplo Foundation
Contact Information:

Name: Silvia Molinari (Training Office)

Phone: +39 (0)382 380.299



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