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Is seeing, feeling, hearing, believing? Using multisensory illusions as an educational tool on human perception and brain function.

Department of Psychology, Panteion University

Event Date + Time:
March 15, 2021 @ 10:00 am - March 19, 2021 @ 10:00 pm

Event Location:
Athens, Greece

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Event Description:

What one sees, feels, tastes, smells, and hears is not always what one actually receives as input from the outside world. That is, the brain receives a large amount of data, which are then reconstructed, through multiple assumptions, into a rich perceptual experience. One may interpret these reconstructions as flaws and errors of brain functioning, but, in reality, these represent the outcome of the complex computations the brain makes to interpret each and every experience that ultimately allow us to interact with the world. Current research on multisensory perception has led to the discovery of a number of multisensory illusions opening the path for new research and theories on the ways in which the brain integrates multiple sensory inputs. Our BAW2021 project aims to educate children and adults about multisensory perception and brain function through an online portal in a fun and interactive way that can experienced in the comfort of one’s home. This will be accomplished through the development of an interactive collection of online tools (videos, demos, activities etc.) to communicate the science of multisensory illusions. This portal will be continuously updated so as to compose a standard meeting place for future BAW meetings in Greece.

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Exhibit, Online/Virtual

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Department of Psychology, Panteion University

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Name: Argiro Vatakis

Phone: 00302109201708



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