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Lançamento do Atlas de Anatomia Comparada de Vertebrados Sistema Nervoso e Sensorial (Launch of the Atlas of Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates Nervous and Sensory System)

University of Brasília

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March 14 @ 3:00 pm - March 14 @ 6:00 pm

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The nervous system exhibits tremendous diversity in nature. Comparative neuroanatomy aims to describe what different animals' brains have in common and how they differ. Understanding the rules behind this diversity unravels the mechanisms that give rise to so many forms and sizes found in the nervous system across vertebrates and could help us understand the evolution of our own species.

Studying comparative neuroanatomy requires vast knowledge to identify homologous regions regardless of the differences in shape and size. In addition, students should develop different strategies to handle difficulties in learning anatomy, which usually requires a trained eye and previous knowledge of theoretical neuroanatomy. On top of that, it is not always possible to have contact with anatomical pieces, especially from species that are not frequently used in laboratories as model species, such as rats.

Aiming to help neuroscience students, researchers, and enthusiasts of the subject understand neuroanatomy evolution, we developed a photographic Atlas of the nervous system across several species of vertebrates.

We dissected more than 40 Brazilian species of fish, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals and photographed them as part of the Atlas. The specimens were prepared, photographed and edited by students and researchers from the university's lab. In addition, all the regions and structures of the neuro system and sensory organs were identified and named based on the available literature on the area. Finally, we wrote a revision summarizing the theoretical aspects of neuroscience and brain evolution.

This volume is the fifth part of a series of comparative anatomy photographic atlases (ISBN 978-85-64593-29-9, DOI: 10.17692/atlas – complete edition) of different systems (available at We started the Atlas design in 2021 and are now in the correction and adjustment phase. The book will be available for download on the lab's website (

Learning resources aiming to facilitate understanding of the nervous system are crucial for its success, mainly in neuroanatomy, which is essential for the development of other areas of neuroscience.

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General Public, Professionals, University students

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University of Brasília

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Name: Márcia Renata Mortari


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