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Music and the Brain, play with friends

Marcus Hikren

Event Date + Time:
March 19, 2022 @ 2:00 pm - March 19, 2022 @ 2:05 pm

Event Location:
Everywhere, California, United States

Venue Name:
Inside your head Directions

About This Event

Event Description:

Weekend! Take a moment each day during the Brain Awareness Week to stimulate your own brain with music. Marcus Hikren, a composer of piano music with an excessive interest in the human brain, will upload one track or video each day. He wants to show from his personal background that music can help keep the brain stimulated. Marcus is convinced that both individuals and society as a whole benefit from each unique brain being optimally utilized, recognized and acknowledged.

Marcus has only known he has Tourette’s since the age of 46 and hopes to break the stigma that unfortunately still rests on mental illness. As a child, he feels really different. He endures painful physical tics and a disrupted sleep pattern. His music becomes his anchor and escape from the outside world. He would not as happy and succesfull today without the support of his friends. They still play together.

Take a moment this weekend to consider who’s always there for you, no matter how your brains functions. Is might lead to something as simple and beautiful as this video.

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Brain maintenance

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Marcus Hikren

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Name: Simone van der Vorst

Phone: +31615273078



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