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Resilience like you have never seen!

Gabriela Larissa Lima da Silva

Event Date + Time:
March 15 @ 8:30 am - March 17 @ 3:20 pm

Event Location:
Botucatu, Brazil

Venue Name:
"Projeto Crescer, Creche e Berçario Criança Feliz" Directions

About This Event

Event Description:

Our activities organized for the 2023 Brain Week will consist of 4 stands with different ways of approaching resilience, as listed below:
1- Initially, we will approach the classic idea, explaining the possible neural pathways of resilience and experiences that contribute to the formation of more resilient brains;
2- In the second stand we will talk about the issue of structural/morphologic resilience after physical aggression;
3- In the third moment, we will approach the polysemy of the word "resilience" and how our brain can be resilient in terms of language;
4- At the end, the brain of different animals will be presented and the most resilient (perennial) structures throughout biological evolution will be pointed out.
The stands will feature posters, themed games, demonstrations, 3D printed models and real anatomical brain of different species.

Type(s) of Event:

Brain Fair, Exhibit


Elementary school students (1-5), Middle school students (6-8)

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Contact Information:

Name: Gabriela Larissa Lima da Silva


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