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Jose Angel Morales-García

Event Date + Time:
March 13 @ 5:00 pm - March 17 @ 1:00 pm

Event Location:
Plaza Ramón y Cajal s/n Madrid, Spain

Venue Name:
School of Medicine. Dept. Cellular Biology. Complutense University of Madrid. Directions

About This Event

Event Description:

Most scientists in the late 19th century thought the brain was made of a continuous labyrinth-like tangle of fibers . The first conclusive proof that the brain is made up of individual cells—later referred to as neurons—that are fundamentally similar to those that make up the rest of the living world was provided by Cajal. “The mysterious butterflies of the soul” Cajal called them. According to Cajal, neurons act as storage facilities for mental impressions like thoughts and sensations, which together make up our experience of being alive. He once said that understanding the brain is similar to understanding the material progression of thought and will. He stated that unraveling the mystery of the self is the utmost aim for a scientist. Cajal believed he had discovered the answer in the structure of neurons and he is considered the founder of modern neuroscience.

The main objective of this proposal is to bring the figure of Ramón y Cajal, winner of the 1906 Nobel Prize in Medicine, to the general public making the public aware of the importance of Cajal´s work for the modern neuroscience. To that purpose, we will discover the figure and work of Cajal through short talks and hands-on activities with neuroscientists. Cajal's discoveries were made on the basis of a series of brain sections on slides as well as the use of different histological stains. Therefore, participants will be able to perform histological staining as Cajal did and feel what the Nobel Prize winner felt when he discovered how the nervous system is organized.

The main objective of these activities is to reach all types of people who have an interest in the brain, from teenagers to the elderly.

Event Sponsor(s):

Dana Foundation

Type(s) of Event:

Conference/Forum, Lab Tour, Lecture/Briefing, School Program


Elementary school students (1-5), General Public, High school students (9-12), Middle school students (6-8), Patients & Caregivers, University students

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Name: Jose Angel Morales-García



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