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– Residenza Sanitaria Assistita Frullone Napoli – Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Napoli

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“PreventivaMente” – Il tempo per vivere insieme This conference aimed at giving an accurate picture of the actual scenario of the healthcare system regarding the management of brain-related diseases in Italy. According to the World Alzheimer Report 2015, there are nearly as 47 million of people estimated to be living with dementia. Only in Italy, nearly as 800.000 are estimated to be cases of dementia. For this reason, in 2011 the AIMA Association has published the report “Alzheimer: assistance costs and needs of their families in the Campania Region – I Report AIMA”, which was the final result of the activities of its “AIMA Counseling Center”. The AIMA Counseling Center is composed of professionals who work to provide information about both own and local-based services of the Campania Region. The conference was an opportunity to show the responses from the AIMA Association in dealing with these issues using its cure management model “AIMA…AMIAMOCI”. During the conference were be also presented responses from the area of research.

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Thanks to the Brain Awareness Week it was possible to get in contact with a lot of people interested in everything relates to the brain. In addition, it was possibile to show the results of the AIMA Napoli Onlus in dealing with the issues relating to chronic brain diseases.

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