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  • High school students (9-12)

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Organized for the second time this year under the leadership of EMU Faculty of Medicine in the TRNC, the theme of the “Brain Awareness Week” this year was “Nobel awards, our brain and our senses”. The interesting history of Nobel, the discovery of sensory receptors, which also received the 2021 Nobel Prize in Medicine, and interesting presentations about the senses were given in this online seminar by Faculty of Medicine faculty members Prof. Dr. Ethem Gelir, Assoc. Dr. Amber Eker Bakkaloğlu and Dr. Gülcem Altınoğlu on April 13, 2022. High school students also contributed to the seminar with their interesting questions. Young people were also presented with certificates of participation after the seminar.

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Social media and mails


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The faculty members who are interested in neuroscience and take part in seminar also introduce themselves before the event. This may also inspire the participants future plans on neuroscience. Additionally, being with young high school students induces the faculty members’ excitement.

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Participants liked the illusion videos in the seminar.

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