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We are happy to be able to present this report, which shows the effort that we made to attend in the best possible way, within our circumstances, the kind task of organizing activities of the BAW. This year it has not been possible for us to carry out the activities that we envisioned and proposed, for reasons totally alien to our will. It is essential that I refer to my current personal and professional situation, while El Pez Volador has been for 12 years as my pseudonym in the realization of altruistic activities to promote development through play, art, and fiction. In the past months a long process of mobbing at the University of Salta has reached the maximum devastation where I work, and I was forced to put all my academic life and related activities on hold. On the other hand, just under these circumstances I was summoned to Montreal to receive an INSAR (International Society for Autism Research) Award and I took advantage of this occasion to present the participation in BAW 2018. Thus, in the most unexpected and beautiful way, it was possible to give enhancement and subsequent communication of what was done, which was well appreciated by colleagues engaged in psychoeducational intervention with autistic people. We are not satisfied, for the same reason, with simply “not being able to comply” our proposal BAW 2019 and we want to request that, if possible, they allow us to reschedule the dates of the proposed activity, which we still consider appropriate. The calendar of this part of the world would allow us to think about doing activities in October or November, for example -which would allow time for the various related situations to be rearranged.

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