Federal University of Pará

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Federal University of Pará

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Federal University of ParáState School of Elementary and Middle Education “Dr. Agostinho Monteiro “Municipal School of Elementary Education “André Avelino Piedade”

Event(s) Summary

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Type of Events Held:

  • Lab Tour
  • School Program

Target Audiences:

  • Middle school students(6-8)
  • Other
  • Other: Students of the 3rd year of the High School

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Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

The action entitled “Neurosciences: from the University for Basic Education” was developed with the objective of raising awareness about the research that is carried out in the university, students of the 3rd year of High School of a state school of the Metropolitan Region of Belém were received at the Biological Sciences Institute of the Federal University of Pará and visited some laboratories that develop research in Neurosciences, to know some of the structure and projects that are under development. They will also visit the Institute’s Anatomy Museum. The action entitled “Neurosciences for Education” was developed by Lorena Araújo da Cunha, Laís Teixeira Bonfim, Maik Diego Itaicei Ferreira Pinheiro and Anderson Manoel Herculano Oliveira da Silva. A municipal school located in the metropolitan area of ​​Belém was visited for practical classes with students from the 1st to 5th year of elementary school, in order to sensitize these students about the nervous system.

Event Planning & Publicity

Publicity Methods Used:

  • Other

Other Publicity Methods:

personal disclosure in schools where the actions were carried out


Of the Dana Foundation publications/resources distributed at your event(s), if any, please indicate the three most popular. Please choose up to three. If "other," please indicate below:

  • none

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  • BAW Logos

Feedback & Keys to Success

How do you feel BAW participation benefited your organization and the local community?

Students’ interest in the research areas where the laboratories visited work. arouse the interest of elementary school students by understanding the functioning of the nervous system.

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Lorena Cunha

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+55 (91) 3201-7930

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