Fluminense Federal University/ Biology Institute/ NuPEDEN (Núcleo de Pesquisa, Ensino, Divulgação e Extensão em Neurociências)

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Fluminense Federal University/ Biology Institute/ NuPEDEN (Núcleo de Pesquisa, Ensino, Divulgação e Extensão em Neurociências)

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Núcleo de Pesquisa, Ensino, Divulgação e Extensão em Neurociências Instituto Nacional de Ciência e Tecnologia em Neuroimunomodulação Pró-reitoria de extensão da Uninversidade Federal Fluminense

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  • Exhibit

Target Audiences:

  • General Public
  • High School students(9-12)
  • Professionals

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Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

On March 11, the Neurocine was held to promote the screening of a film, followed by discussion with professionals from different areas. The activity took place in the auditorium of the Faculty of Economics of UFF. Due to the theme chosen for X Brain Week “Neurosciences and Education”, the film “It’s Kind of a Funny Story” (Universal Pictures-2010) was shown. After the film was shown, there was a multidisciplinary roundtable to discuss the topics covered in the film, which was attended by Fátima Erthal (UFRJ), a specialist in human behavior researcher, Terezinha Resende (Clínica Arte Ser), clinical psychologist; and Helena Pereira (UFF), professor / researcher and specialist in the dissemination of science. The speakers answered questions from the audience, composed of high school students, teachers, pedagogical coordinators of five public schools and one, private.

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