Hospital Psiquiatríco Samuel Ramírez Moreno(1)

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Hospital Psiquiatríco Samuel Ramírez Moreno(1)

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  • General Public
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  • Patients & Caregivers
  • Other: outpatient psychiatry children and families

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“Brain in Motion” In our institution was holding out brain week for the third time, for that purpose allocated three days of simultaneous activities in two forums, while in the area of outpatient psychiatry child, were dynamic and conferences for children, adolescents and their families. This conferences both current issues emphasizing, the usefulness of new technologies in the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness. These presentations made brilliantly by internationally renowned experts as they are pioneers in Mexico in your area, covered the objective of informing news in the management of these new technologies increasingly available to us and lets us concern to deepen their knowledge. While in the area Outpatient Child Psychiatry, out games and activities are carried mainly aimed at children and young people, both served in that unit, as guests, but adults are also welcome families. We stress that the three days were dynamic “to activate the brain” organized and coordinated.


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After the event, we conclude that, these days paid off and leave us the satisfaction of teaching and contribute a little to the dissemination of the importance of mental health in life, we expect this experience to participate the following year. Thank you for the opportunity.

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