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Hospital Clínic de BarcelonaUniversity of BarcelonaAteneu de Sant Cugat

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  • Conference/Forum
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  • General Public

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-BRAINSPIRATION MEDICAL ART EXHIBITION We organized a symposium with a neurosurgeon explaining the state of the art in the treatment of glioblastoma and a second talk by a Professor of Neuroanatomy who explained how neurosurgeons deal with the main white matter tracts during tumor resection. Last the author of the exhibition, Sarai Llamas, gave her testimonial as brain tumor patient and how it impacted on her work. This symposium was followed by a guided tour though the exhibition placed in a corridor of Hospital CLínic de Barcelona. The hashtag to follow the exhibition in the social network is #brainspiration and the author is @saraillamas It was been inspiring indeed! a lot of people has commented on the hashtag congratulating us for this event. It has reached specially patients at the hospital but all type of people has had very positive experiences. We will share the exhibition bringing it at other centers. -Symposium about Stroke at a CIVIC CENTER (L’ATENEU DE SANT CUGAT) It was celebrated on friday 11th and consisted on 2 talks, one by a young women of 26, who suffered a stroke when she was 19. She gave her view as patient, first symptoms and recovery. It was really touching…For her it was a challenge aswell to give this talk, because she is now doing her PhD in a stroke research group. The second talk was given by a clinician, responsible of the stroke Unit at Hospital CLínic de Barcelona. He gave her view on stroke regarding prevention, treatment and the stroke symptoms and the importance of an early treatment. It was a success, the public was all ages and we did both a nice sensitization work and an exercise of empathy.

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Which of These Publicity Methods Was The Most Successful?

mailings and social media, because you could actively target more people


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The local community was really proud after the celebration of both events because we had a very good feedback from the participants, and this reinforces all the efforts we’ve made for organizing these events

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