Instituto de Neurobiología – UNAM

Organized by:
Instituto de Neurobiología - UNAM

Participating Organizations:

Scientific research coordination, UNAM Society for NeuroscienceMexican Society of Physiologycal Sciences Mexico Queretaro State GovernmentQueretaran Council for Science and TechnologyQueretaran Institute for Culture and Arts

Event(s) Summary

Number of Events Organized During Brain Awareness Week:




Type of Events Held:

  • Conference/Forum
  • Exhibit
  • Lab Tour
  • Lecture/ Briefing
  • Open House
  • Other
  • TV Show

Target Audiences:

  • Elementary school students(1-5)
  • General Public
  • High School students(9-12)
  • Middle school students(6-8)
  • Patients & Caregivers
  • University students

Approximate Number of People Reached:


Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

Fourteen activities and a special video (and not counting the lectures/briefings and other activities) were daily presented to the audience every day along the week. This year, the topic was about the importance of sleep, cerebral connections, and the relationship between sleep and a healthy brain. A total of twelve lectures were also presented. The activities were carried out by UNAM students (Masters and PhD students participated with great motivation). The objective of the events was to attract the audience attention to very important issues about the brain, such as sleep, healthy habits for a healthy brain, memory, brain connections. The goals were fully achieved. Attendants to our Brain Awareness Week learned a lot and had much fun.

Event Planning & Publicity

Publicity Methods Used:

  • Advertisements
  • Emails
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Press Release/Media Advisory
  • Website

Which of These Publicity Methods Was The Most Successful?

Posters/flyers Emails Both were successful. In our experience (we have been celebrating the BAW for a number of years), these methods work fine, so we use them. We establish regular contact with schools that visit us every year during the BAW, and these methods work fine with them.


Of the Dana Foundation publications/resources distributed at your event(s), if any, please indicate the three most popular. Please choose up to three. If "other," please indicate below:

  • It’s Mindboggling!
  • BAW Stickers
  • BAW Buttons

What other downloadable materials would you like the Foundation to provide?

  • New Coloring Sheets

Which BAW graphic materials did you use in publicizing your events?

  • BAW Web site banner

Feedback & Keys to Success

How do you feel BAW participation benefited your organization and the local community?

Our brain awareness week celebration has become a tradition in the state of Queretaro, Mexico. Many schools and general public are looking forward to come to our BAW every year. For the people at our institution it is a great opportunity to communicate with the general public and share with them our work regarding brain research. The local community gets benefited from the information they receive, our advice in some topics, and our support.

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Quotable comments which capture successful aspects of your event(s):

"this is much fun, and we have learned a lot!" School Teacher

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52 (442) 2381064

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