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Let Poetry Light Up Your Brain! was a 90 minute online interactive & collaborative poetry workshop to elicit participants’ memory & experiences to write, edit & recite poems written while learning facts about how poetry & creativity affect the brain. The goal of the workshop was to engage participants to write, edit and recite poetry. All participants wrote a poem based on memory and experiences. Participants learned to use figurative language such as simile and metaphor along with the five senses. During the workshop, connections were made with research behind brain activity during the use of figurative language, the senses and memory. In addition, connections were made between creativity and brain awareness to bridge engagement with participants during the writing process. Participants engaged in editing their poem as well and images were shared via a PowerPoint presentation that showed research of brain activity during initial “inspiration” versus “editing” a poem. I believe the objectives of the presentation were met; however, the number of attendees was disappointing (although about 9 more had signed up). All the participants wrote, and then re-write a final version of their poems. sample poems: “Yellow walls capture our laughter. I taught my godchildren the words to Prince’s “When Doves Cry” As we dance. plaid pillows catch us we tumble and dissolve into giggles, meditation sounds soothe us into sleep.” by Sacil “Underneath soft covers; funny Spanish shows laughing and talking. Yummy cereal Mickey meowing and purring. “Show has ended, dishes washed and put away, teeth brushed television turned off, prayers said: good night abuelita, mami, Lalaand Mickey.” by Elvia

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emails and website.


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The workshop allowed me to grow as a poet and educator because I became more knowledgeable. That knowledge transferred to the workshop participants. It gave all of us a framework to understand how writing and editing is lighting up our brain by recalling memory/explicit memory and using the senses. Further, the concept of uncertainty was addressed through their use of writing and editing skills. Addressing uncertainty is a tangible aspect of writing and it is addressed through its process.

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Poetry can be a hard sell…but it is well worth it! See attached poems. I could have used more help in connecting with other partners so as to share my workshop with many more participants. I will follow this advice next year 🙂

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Poetry/creativity uses all of the brain!

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Poetry is algebra for the brain!

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The brain lights up differently when writing and editing.

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“At first I thought, I can’t do this.”

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