Reflexologystudio (in collaboration with CSLI Italia)

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Reflexologystudio (in collaboration with CSLI Italia)

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Union Corps Saint Lazarus International;”dibiomed” center for international integrative medicine

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Prof. A. Virgili, Director of the ReflexologyStudio and Commander of CSLI Italia, introduced the Dana Foundation activities and the BAW. Background common to the speakers was the contemporary society, its environmental aggressions, emotional situations, anxiety-provoking information by media, etc that accentuate stress and anxiety, preparing our body system to a higher sensitivity and fragility. Dr. Savino, child neuropsychiatrist, shown an informative video on brain research and presented the results of studies about the “second brain” which are highlighting the strategic role of the microbiota, the symbiotic organisms found in the human gut. The microbiota is critical to ensure good physical and mental health, it has an active role in some forms of depression and autism. The nutriceutical is so becoming a research area of wider fallout. Dr. Virgili, professor of sexology and a clinical reflexologist, starting from the data about the diffusion of stress and anxiety disorders, talked about some current studies on the effects that stress and trauma produce to the brain and the further consequences on emotional states, also caused by the interactions of neurotransmitters. Integrative medicine and related techniques receive today new attention, as a versatile kind of in of intervention to amplify, integrate and improve both the traditional therapies and the general state of well-being. Some of them, like reflexology, are a bridge connection in clinical psychosomatic.

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To disseminate knowledge about neurosciences and some of their applications in the prevention and therapy.

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