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The reasons that push one person to developing an addiction are multiple and include genetic, epigenetic and environmental factors. In any case, nowadays it is considered that addiction is a complex and prolonged disease of the brain that carries the loss of control over the own actions, leading to the deterioration of mental and physical health of the addicted person, with an enormous impact on family, social and academic/professional environment and bonds. With this activity we will address the topic of addiction from different points of view and methodologies. We have set 4 consecutive blocks, including three round tables (Neurobiology; Sport and doping; Relationship of addiction with the COVID-19 pandemic) and one cine-forum at the end of the event, to conclude it in a more recreational and participatory way. Scientific educational and outreach goals: – Provide new knowledge and discuss on different aspects of addiction: neurobiological basis, preclinical and clinical research, sport-related addictions (including doping), impact of the current pandemic and its social and economic consequences in the development of pharmacologic and non-pharmacologic addictions. – Facilitate the reflection, through the visualization of a commercial movie and posterior colloquium, on the individual and social repercussions of addictions of all kinds. – Elaborate a document including the summary of the talks presented, the conclusions of the different round tables and colloquium after the cine-forum, and the analysis of attendance (level of satisfaction, …); present the results at a national or international (FECIES, ICEILT) conference on educative innovation.

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