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SENAI Sertãozinho-SP

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FFCLRP – Programa de Psicobiologia Universidade de São Paulo em Ribeirão Preto

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  • Lecture/ Briefing

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  • Other: technical grade school (15-18)

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This lecture presented the steps taken to create an Android Augmented Reality (AR) app to see the brain on the top of a head cap. The head cap has the colors representing the brain, the central cortex and the target for transcranial magnetic stimulation. The AR app shows a 3D brain on the top of the cap when the mobile’s webcam is pointed to it. A button on the screen changes the colors of the brain mesh, representing Independent Component resting-state maps of a control subject. The brain has some markers to interact with a 2D black and white patch. When markers interact, a sound is played to tell which area is under the patch. The lecture introduced the concepts of object scanning, 3D object importing and integration using VUFORIA and 3D UNITY games. The working app can be seen in action here:

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  • Other

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students were invited by the local organizer


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  • BAW Logos

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yes, new invitations for further partnership on innovation in the school using the brain as a main topic.

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