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SUNY Old Westbury

Participating Organizations:

RedBull Philips Candy of Coney Island Anymaze Cengage Learning Oxford Publishing Sage Publishing Neuroscience Associates Anatomy Warehouse Kent Scientific

Event(s) Summary

Number of Events Organized During Brain Awareness Week:




Type of Events Held:

  • Lecture/ Briefing
  • Other
  • Other: Table Top Neuroscience Learning Activities & Games

Target Audiences:

  • Professionals
  • University students

Approximate Number of People Reached:


Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

The 2018 SUNY Old Westbury 3rd Annual College “Brain Awareness Week” consisted of 10 table top neuroscience games/activities, vendor donations, hand-outs, educational materials from the DANA Foundation, and a lecture series with 4 talks on the theme “Brain Health, Motivational Behavior & Cellular Phone Habits.” The four talks were as follows: “Clinical Assessment of Dementia & Alzheimer’s Disease: The Role of Neuropsychological Evaluations in Age-Related Disorders.” “Ho Ingestion of a Diet Rich in Fats Alters Brain Neurochemistry,” “Only the Lonely.” Loneliness, the Brain, and Social Media,” “Teaching Better Screen Time Habits with Flipd,” & “Cellular Phone Addiction and its Brain Correlates.” The combination of events drew nearly 400 faculty and students to the weekly events, even despite inclement weather. Students were also able to engage in research activities conducted by undergraduate students during the weekly events. We were also graced and delighted to host CEO and Co-founder of Flipd, a cellular phone activity monitoring and distraction limiting App company, Cristian Villamarin at our campus. Villamarin gave an educational seminar to our students on being more conscious of their cellular phone habits and trying to limit them to get more out of their college education and learning experience, not just in the classroom, but in life as well. Overall, the events were another success for the campus.

Event Planning & Publicity

Publicity Methods Used:

  • Advertisements
  • Calendar Listings (newspapers, radio, television)
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Press Release/Media Advisory
  • Website

Which of These Publicity Methods Was The Most Successful?

College emails Word of mouth Advertising in class & online college webpage


Of the Dana Foundation publications/resources distributed at your event(s), if any, please indicate the three most popular. Please choose up to three. If "other," please indicate below:

  • Q&A: Answering Your Questions About The Brain
  • It’s Mindboggling!
  • More Mindbogglers!
  • Staying Sharp Bookmark
  • BAW Pencils
  • Brain-shaped Erasers
  • The Mindboggling Workbook
  • Staying Sharp: Successful Aging and the Brain

What downloadable materials from the Foundation did you use for your events?

  • BAW Bookmark
  • BAW Certificate of Participation

What other downloadable materials would you like the Foundation to provide?

  • New Fact Sheets
  • New Lesson Plans
  • Activities/Experiments
  • New Puzzles/Games

Which BAW graphic materials did you use in publicizing your events?

  • BAW Flyer
  • BAW Logos
  • BAW Poster
  • BAW Web site banner

Feedback & Keys to Success

How do you feel BAW participation benefited your organization and the local community?

Our undergraduate college students were provided a unique opportunity to engage in a series of neuroscience and neuropsychology related activities that both psychology majors and non-majors would not ordinarily experience. Therefore, the events created through the Partnership with the DANA Foundation have continued to be invaluable in providing neuroscience educational outreach to our students at the college level.

Please share any suggestions or lessons learned that may help others plan future events:

Work with local and national vendors to support your college-community efforts to further enhance and enrich the undergraduate student learning and participation experience.

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