The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Organized by:
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Participating Organizations:

Jerusalem Municipality, The Jerusalem Cinematheque, Mazya House for Theater, Jerusalem Artists’ House

Event(s) Summary

Number of Events Organized During Brain Awareness Week:




Type of Events Held:

  • Exhibit
  • Lecture/ Briefing
  • Press Briefing
  • School Program

Target Audiences:

  • Elementary school students(1-5)
  • General Public
  • High School students(9-12)
  • Middle school students(6-8)

Approximate Number of People Reached:


Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

During the Art and Brain Week, The Edmond and Lily Safra Center for Brain Sciences (ELSC) held 5 different events that included lectures on different topics in neuroscience + movies related to the these topics, held in the Jerusalem Cinematheque; one event that included a lecture about brain and motion + dance performance, “Living in a Movie”, performed by Kolben Dance Group + a related movie (also held in the Jerusalem Cinematheque); and one event that included a lecture about Schizophrenia + theater performance performed by Psik Theater Company, held in Mazya House for Theater. Prior to the lectures, ELSC students presented their latest findings in a presentation exhibit. All these events were aimed for the general public. In addition, ELSC held a special event for children ages 8-12 and a special event for teenagers ages 15-18, in collaboration with the Jerusalem Ministry of Education. Furthermore, ELSC produced a grand exhibition, “Between Synapses: Where Art and Brain Sciences Intersect”. This exhibition, presented in Jerusalem Artists’ House, brought together artists and neuroscientists for a series of meetings that led to the creation of 11 original artworks that gave new interpretations to brain research. Four Gallery Talks were held during the exhibition. These exposed the audience to new findings from brain sciences and described the unique collaboration of the artists and scientists. A second exhibition, presented in the Cinematheque and titled “Synapses in the Studio”, revealed a glimpse behind the scenes of the creative processes that led to the creation of the “Between Synapses” exhibition. The events brought the realm of neuroscience to the public and strengthened the relation between academy and communit

Event Planning & Publicity

Publicity Methods Used:

  • Advertisements
  • Emails
  • Posters/Flyers
  • Press Release/Media Advisory
  • Website
  • Social Media

Which of These Publicity Methods Was The Most Successful?

Press releases and advertisements, since they reach audiences all around the country and encourage people to visit the event website and learn about the brain even if they do not make it to the event itself.


Of the Dana Foundation publications/resources distributed at your event(s), if any, please indicate the three most popular. Please choose up to three. If "other," please indicate below:

  • Q&A: Answering Your Questions About Brain Research
  • It’s Mindboggling!
  • More Mindbogglers!
  • Staying Sharp Bookmark
  • BAW Stickers

What downloadable materials from the Foundation did you use for your events?

  • BAW Bookmark
  • Mindboggling Coloring Sheets

What other downloadable materials would you like the Foundation to provide?

  • Fact Sheets
  • New Puzzles/Games

Feedback & Keys to Success

How do you feel BAW participation benefited your organization and the local community?

Our BAW activity enabled us to approach the general public and reaffirm the connection between the academy and its surrounding community. The activities for children and youth enriches their school curriculum and opens new horizons. We believe these students may return to the field of neuroscience as university students and researchers in the future.

Please share any suggestions or lessons learned that may help others plan future events:

We believe that careful planning and long term work assists us in producing well organized and productive events. We always try to learn from past events and improve our projects from year to year.

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Alona Narkiss

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