The Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group

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The Mind, Brain, and Education Special Interest Group

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Japan Association of Language Teaching

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The Mind, Brain and Education Special Interest Group held a 90-minute forum at the JALT Pan-SIG conference for language teachers. The forum introduced a variety presentations on brain science findings that can inform language teaching approaches and methods. People new to the field had an opportunity to find out how to get started in learning about brain sciences by joining a session. For long-term members, there were opportunities to discuss in depth topics of interest, and for those who would like to learn about recent findings and teaching innovations, there will be presentations on different topics. We held three 25-minute rounds of concurrent presentations and discussions. The speakers and topics are: •Megumi Yoshieda Appreciating greenery and sharing the growth during remote learning: an example of experiential learning using Instagram. •James (Dimitri) Maroulis True Grit? •Junior Koch Specific Learning Difficulties. •Mohammad Khari Cultural Context: Putting the Genie of Bias Back in the Bottle. •Curtis Kelly The Connected Classroom. •Amanda Gillis-Furutaka The three stages of learning and the role of a teacher.

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