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Profa. Dra. Prislaine Pupolin Magalhães Prof. Dr. Rodrigo Cardoso de Oliveira Prof. Dr. Adriano Yacubian Fernandes Prof. Dr. Fábio Leyser Gonçalves Prof. Dr. Clayton Reginaldo Pereira Estevão Pereira Rolim Paula Fontana Machado

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  • Lecture/ Briefing

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  • General Public
  • High School students(9-12)
  • University students

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Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

Lecture titled Dialogues on the brain containing three speakers: BRAIN TALK 1: Diseases affecting the brain: diagnostic tools and treatment. with Prof. Dr. Adriano Yacubian Fernandes BRAIN TALK 2: Behavior and Neurosciences with Prof. Dr. Fábio Leyser Gonçalves BRAIN TALK 3: Understanding the concepts of Artificial Intelligence with Prof. Dr. Clayton Reginaldo Pereira Location: Amphitheater Faculty of Dentistry of Bauru FOB-USP. Entrance: Soap and / or toothpaste to make the assistance entities of Bauru. Event non-profit, entry by order of arrival, respecting the stocking of the Theater. Target Audience: High school students / community in general.

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  • Social Media

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Prislaine Pupolin Magalhães

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