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Details of Major Brain Awareness Week Events/Activities:

Neurobiology of Musicotherapy Videoconference from Mexico City to Merida, the location of the University. The invited is a researcher expert in neuropsichology and a professional musician, Dr. Enrique Octavio Flores. His talk was around the innate capability of the brain structures to process the music associated with other cognition processes. He explained that musical therapy might be able to be applied to people who do not have limitations for music such as people with amusia or epilepsia. He explained that musical therapy depends on personal tastes and experiences and must be addressed by specialists. The objective was to talk about the knowledge of the neurobiological processing of the Music. To make aware to the students of the new advances in the findings on musical therapy. Students of medicine, psycology and psychopedagogy do not see study these themes with special emphasis but they are interested on these issues but they showed much interest. The goals were achieved, despite a small number of students and professors attended the lecture. Music is a very interesting theme for all kind of audiences.

Event Planning & Publicity

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Internal mails to the universitary community

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I guess mail because was a more personal invitation.


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I feel is a good contribution despite is a modest one. The students were very interested and they requested material about it. I send them PDFs of the papers written by Dr Flores.

Please share any suggestions or lessons learned that may help others plan future events:

I guess that emotions are a good way to motivate to participate in activities like these. Music is a potential source to understand many phisiological and neurobiological process who can help to attract different audiences.

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"Art produces connections in the brain that are usable for other cognitive functions " Dr Enrique Flores

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