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The Centre on Aging and Health (CAH) screened Alan Berliner’s First Cousin Once Removed, the story of poet, translator, critic, and teacher Edwin Honig and his experience with Alzheimer’s disease. In the film, Berliner shows us five years of Honig’s life with Alzheimer’s but also glimpses of his poetry, home movies, and beautiful visual metaphors. Ultimately, the film captures the importance of memory and language for poets, but really for everyone. As Honig says a few times in the film, “memory is a picture of your life.” Dr. Ken Mitchell, Poet and Professor Emeritus as well as Dr. Thomas Hadjistavropoulos, CAH Director and Professor of Psychology, answered questions following the film. The goal of this event was to promote the importance of brain health and brain research. We feel that we were able to do that while also educating the audience about the importance of language and art in one’s life as well.

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