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  • Patients & Caregivers

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Posted to Facebook: This week is “Brain Awareness Week,” where the Dana Alliance urges people to learn more about how the brain works and impacts their daily activities. Did you know that the brain is important in helping you maintain your balance? Messages are sent to the brain by your vestibular system, eyes, and muscles. The brain processes these messages and tells you if you are upright, lying down, moving forward, falling, etc. Learn more about Brain Awareness Week and help spread awareness by sharing this post:

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  • Social Media

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Facebook post results: 4,820People Reached 167Likes, Comments & Shares 114 Likes 94 On Post 20 On Shares 4 Comments 2 On Post 2 On Shares 49 Shares 46 On Post 3 On Shares 62Post Clicks 0 Photo Views 61 Link Clicks 1 Other Clicks NEGATIVE FEEDBACK 2 Hide Post 0 Hide All Posts 0 Report as Spam 0 Unlike Page


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Connected brain to balance functions and vestibular system.

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