Event Ideas

If the idea of planning a Brain Awareness Week event is too overwhelming for your organization’s current staff or resources, consider the following ways to participate in the campaign and inform your community about the importance of brain science:

  • Spread the word about Brain Awareness Week on social media! Check out our Social Media Toolkit page for sample posts, and be sure to use the official campaign hashtags, #BrainAwarenessWeek and #BrainWeek.
  • Launch a social media campaign during Brain Awareness Week to share information about a topic or issue in brain science that is important to your organization/institution or local community.
  • Ask your local, state, and/or national government official(s) to issue a Brain Awareness Week proclamation.
  • Write your local, state, and/or national government officials to encourage their support of brain research.
  • Write an article or editorial about Brain Awareness Week and the importance of brain research for your newsletter. Even articles which appear post-campaign will help spread the word about this important effort.
  • Blog or write about Brain Awareness Week on your website.
  • Run a series of interviews on your website, social media, or in your newsletter featuring the work of researchers from your organization or institution.
  • Contact local radio and television stations. Encourage them to incorporate a brain-related segment in their programming schedule during Brain Awareness Week. Volunteer your organization or institution as a resource for speakers and content.
  • Invite your local media representatives to a “brain-briefing” highlighting the research being done at your institution.
  • Include notices about Brain Awareness Week with employees’ paychecks and newsletters, and promote activities taking place in your community.
  • Write an op-ed piece or letter to the editor of your local newspaper about the importance of brain research. Encourage your constituents to do the same.
  • Include an advertisement about Brain Awareness Week in your newsletter.
  • Include a brain-related puzzle in your newsletter or blog, or share one on your website or social media.
  • Become a brain advocate and encourage your constituents to do the same. Distribute our “Ten Ways You Can Become a Brain Advocate.”
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