Outreach Tools

One of the most inexpensive and effective ways to spread the word about Brain Awareness Week is through social media. Join us in calling attention to this special week by sharing brain-related events, facts, and images with your networks. Platforms we use include Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube.

Below are a collection of sample posts and images you can use in addition to your own, original ones. Stay connected with us and fellow campaign participants by using the hashtags #BrainWeek and #BrainAwarenessWeek in your posts.

Sample Posts

Logos & Graphics

Guidelines for Use: Brain Awareness Week logos and graphics may be used for educational and informational purposes in relation to Brain Awareness Week and information found on Dana.org. These graphics may not be used to endorse commercial products or services, nor to solicit funds.

Disclaimer: Use of Brain Awareness Week images does not indicate any form of endorsement or approval from the Dana Foundation.

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